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The Anglican Catholic Mission of Our Lady of Glastonbury Podcast
Sermon for the Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity
October 22, 2017 The ACC Mission of Our Lady of Glastonbury

Sermon for the Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity, by Br Juniper CGS We should glory in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, his life death and resurrection, in him we are saved and made free. + In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, amen. We join with our blessed Lord, and his disciples and we enter the boat to journey back to his home town, Nazareth, the journey passes swiftly and uneventfully. We might be inclined to wonder whether Jesus and his people will stop and socialise a little, that Jesus might spend a little time with his mother and wider family. However, witness the love Jesus has for his people as he gets straight on with his ministry. We wander in to the house where he sits teaching, as we take our seats and begin to listen, we notice a commotion at the door, we crane our necks around the crowd and we can see two swarthy men carrying a third man on a stretcher like bed “sick of the palsy”. This paralysis is evident and the man is clearly emaciated. Jesus again with sweet words of compassion says to the man “Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee”. We are old hands at all of this now, so we deliberately listen out for the little divisive voices and the scoffers. We certainly aren’t disappointed, they begin almost immediately in one corner of the room. One of the men speaking to one of his cronies, says in a sort of stage whisper “this man blasphemeth”. If we can hear the grumbling, we know that Jesus can certainly hear it! We know that our blessed Lord has their card marked! He knows their hearts and he knows the reason for their opposition. “what’s easier” he says to them “is it telling this man that his sins are forgiven, or telling him to get up and walk?” Jesus pauses for a short while in order for them to ponder the point and says ”So that you, with your wilfully blind eyes might see that the son of man has the power on the earth to forgive sins” he gazes with eyes of infinite compassion on the sick man and speaks to him alone, there is a tangible atmosphere of power in the room as he says “get up, pick up your bed and go to your house”. Every eye is now on the young man, as we anxiously wait to see what happens. After what feels like an eternity (in reality it was only a few moments) the man gets up, picks up his bed and returns home. We join with others in the room in giving glory to God for this miraculous gift. There is a tension between what we read in this gospel and the life we experience. We have all been ill at times, some of us seriously ill, and we most likely will get unwell from time to time in the future. We also know, just as sure as we all have to pay taxes, that we will all at some point have to die. What comfort then can we take from this story of a miraculous healing? Being a Christian is not a magic talisman, it does not guarantee that we will not get sick, infact Christianity has a strong message about this. We believe that we live in a fallen world, that due to this fall sin entered the world, and this sin is the cause of sickness and death. Through this sin each of us can get sick, and each of us will suffer a physical death. However in this marvalous miracle we are given a foretaste of what we will experience in the beatific vision. We must live a life of hope. Even though we suffer. We must look to what is to come. We are told that if we suffer and persevere with Jesus, then we will reign with him. This is hard! But everything that is worthwhile usually is. He has given us his very self for food for our souls. He has given us his church to help us on our way. We must trust in the signs of hope that he has placed before us, and offer our very souls and bodies (even our sickness up to his glory. I know he will always be faithful if we trust him. He is might to save, and is mighty to heal. But, it is in his time not ours…. Even though we find that frustrating! Let us carry the beautiful and powerful true story of the gospe

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